Sexual Health Clinics

Dates for further Sexual Health Clinics have not yet been determined. Please check this site again for further updates.

These clinics are run by a public health Nurse. She can run tests for STD’s, HIV, pregnancy and more.

These clinics are FREE and confidential, Any follow up and medication is also free.


New Clinic Hours


Our goal through April to December is to be open Monday and Thursday; Hours:  4pm to 6pm

This is a walk-in clinic, no appointment necessary

However, to be sure there is a physician available, it is always a good idea to call ahead. Our number: 250 578-2014










Physiotherapy Clinics


Physiotherapy Appointments 

Kim Grunling, our new resident Physiotherapist, will be taking appointments.

To make a booking  please call : 250-299-5911 

FLU Shots

Our clinic is currently out of FLU vaccine. If more becomes available we will let the community know through this

website and through social media.


Women’s Clinics

 Women’s Health Clinics, staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, are scheduled for:    Sunday October 22nd, Sunday November 26th and Sunday December 19th

Hours for the women’s clinic:  9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Women who wish to make an appointment for a one-half hour consultation must call the Health Centre at 250-578-2014 during our normal open hours:  Monday and Thursday  (4 to 6 pm) to book a date and time.