Payment Methods

We do charge for some of our services. We accept cash onlyCanadian or US currency.
We do not currently accept payment by Credit Card. 

Fee Schedule

Non-Insured/Out of Country PatientsCanadian $
Office visit$140
Complete Physical Exam$180
Flu Shot$25
Insurance Form - Single Page$140
Insurance Form - Multiple Pages$190
Driver’s Medical Exam$130
Occupational Fitness Exam$50
Travel Related Form$50
Photocopying.30 per page
Return to Work Form$40
Form Fee - Short$20
Form Fee - Long$50
Transfer of Medical Records$50

Procedure Fees

(In addition to Office Visit)Canadian $
Tray Fee- General$40
Nail Removal$100 (Includes tray fee)
Insertion of IUD$100 (Includes tray fee)
Telephone/email/text advice$20
Injection of Joint$30
Injection of bursa, tendon sheath$20
Abscess drainage$60
Pregnancy testing$10
Minor laceration with local$150 (Includes tray fee and office visit)
Biopsy$100 (Includes tray fee)