Your Appointment

Communicable Illness:

If you have symptoms of a communicable illness (e.g. chickenpox, influenza) gastrointestinal illness or an acute respiratory infection (coughing) please advise our staff when you book your appointment.

In order to minimize the risk of spreading illness:

  • If deemed medically necessary by one of our clinicians, you may be offered an in-person visit. You will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and given instructions on how to access the clinic.
  • During this time we are operating at a reduced capacity and are not offering advanced access appointments.
  • You will be required to wear a mask as well as perform hand hygiene while you are in the office with the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Our staff will show you into an examination room upon your arrival.

Prescription Renewals:

Please book appointments 1-2 weeks prior to the end of your last repeat prescription.  Any alternative arrangements that are required need to be discussed with your physician and a fee of $35 will be charged.


You will be required to have an appointment booked in order to provide information for forms or documentation completion, please inform our staff when booking these types of appointments. Forms are usually uninsured items and will result in additional charges. Please note that our physicians may require several days to complete complex or long forms.

Missed appointments:

24-hour notice is required to cancel a booked appointment. Missed appointments will result in a $50 fee.  

Shoe & Boot Removal

In an effort to keep our clinic space as clean as possible, we ask  everyone to  remove footwear as soon as you enter the clinic. We invite you to bring separate indoor shoes or slippers with you to your visit.